My creative skills are strongest in ReDesign (making old new again). It appeals to me because of the recycling aspect, but it's simply something I do in my head ALL the time EVERYWHERE I go. If I have been to your house you can bet that in my head I've rearranged your furniture, repainted your walls, maybe put in a skylight or a new counter top or simply given you a new throw for the back of your sofa (and if you're my parents you've come home to MANY real changes). Not that I don't like the way you've done it but I'm just curious about how else it could be. I pay particular attention to traffic flow, site lines, and colours.

My friends and family know this is just part of the way I see the world and often ask for input, especially with colour choices. The most recent request was from my dear friend Naomi of who knew she wanted a pop of colour at her front door. She already has a red door so was thinking blue for the front. She showed me a primary blue she was considering. I suggested she instead go with a blue that was slightly more natural since the other colours of her exterior are natural. She immediately agreed and got to work. Isn't the result fun? 


Heléne Högvall
08/10/2012 12:51

I love what the colour did to the house. Looks great! I wished I had asked you for help while you where here.

Creative Simone
08/10/2012 13:13

I remember your place pretty well. Send me photos of what you're bored with and I'll send you some suggestions. I thought your idea of turning the stairs white was very smart. You wanted a change in the living room window coverings too, right? And I think that idea of the low bunk beds was smart!


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